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Global Business

At Accuprec Research Labs, we are continuously innovating ourselves to provide better customer satisfaction for all different types of testing services that we are offering. To do so we have changed company’s ogranogram recently. This will not only make faster growth of the company but also deepen our professional relations with esteemed clients.

As an outcome of this innovation, Accuprec Research Labs has started its Global Business Division. Prof. Vasu Appanna, Dean, Faculty of Engineering & Science, Laurentian University (LU), Sudbury, Ontario, Canada has joined as Honorary Advisor for company’s Global Business Division and will supervise company’s business network in Canada and North America.


Dr. Vasu Appanna is the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Laurentian University since 2010 He has been at LU since 1989 as a Professor of Biochemistry and served as the Chair of the Department for six years. He completed his BSc from the University of Bombay, his MSc from the University of Wales, and his PhD from the University of Waterloo.

He has over 100 peer-reviewed publications in the fields of bio-technology, metabolism and cellular adaptation and toxicology. He has supervised the first doctoral student at Laurentian University and over 115 HQP (BSc, MSc, PhD,Post-doctaral, research associate).

Dr. Appanna has led various funded projects with numerous countries including Russia, Vietnam, China and France. He is the editor of numerous journals. He sits on various organizations and boards, including AMRIC (Applied Medical Research Institute of Canada) and MIRARCO. He has served on different granting agencies like the Department of Energy, (DOE, USA) and the Ministry of Research and Innovation, Ontario. He is consulted world-wide in biotechnology. He is commercializing a biomining process and a kit to detect homocysteine, a marker for numerous diseases. He is also the academic editor of PLOS ONE and numerous journals.

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Global Business Offices of Accuprec Research Labs Pvt Ltd:

Canada Office:
Sudbury, ON, Canada

North America Office:
Pittsburgh, PA, USA